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BADIL concluded Three Day Al-awda training school
BADIL concluded Three Day Al-awda training school


BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights concluded Al-Awda training school that took place 29-31 October, and had 26 participants (16 Female) from different areas  of both sides of the Green Line. 

The 3-day training program included various lectures that tackled the topics of the Palestinian curriculum and the Israeli efforts to change it; the Israeli-Zionist narrative of anti-Semitism and other Israeli talking points, the Israeli targeting of the Palestinian identity, as well as the Israelization of Palestinian curriculum as a tool to fragment the Palestinians and their collective identity. Finally, the training included skill-building workshops that focused on communication and debate skills.

In addition, the participants visited Dheisheh refugee camp to observe the reality of the Palestinian refugees in refugee camps, besides attending a tour in Al-Walaj and Beit Skaria villages located within the Gush Etzion colonial bloc, and subjected to various Israeli forcible transfer policies. 

The Al-Awda School is one of BADIL’s core programs, which aims to enhance communication between Palestinian youth on both sides of the Green Line, and to enhance identity and cohesion. The schools aim to empower and equip the youth with the skills and knowledge necessary to raise their voices to demand the rights of the Palestinian people, especially Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons.