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‘Masaha’ for Palestinian Youth Identity, Cohesion and Rights 7th training meetings.
‘Masaha’ for Palestinian Youth Identity, Cohesion and Rights 7th training meetings.
On July 5 2019, BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights concluded several trainings within Enhancing Youth Palestinian Refugee Identity, Cohesion, and human rights based approach at the local and international level Project (‘Masaha project’). The project aims to reinforce the connections between Palestinian youth from both sides of the Green Line and enhance their awareness, engagement, and understanding of the right of return. Trainings were held over two sessions with an average of 17 youth participants (10 female).

The first day included training aimed at strengthening the youth’s communication skills, specifically their public speaking performance.

The second day of the training consisted of practical exercises of public speaking. Each participant presented different topics related to the situation of Palestinian refugees and IPDs, the international community’s obligations, the ongoing forcible displacement of Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line.

The training is part of the preparations for the youth’s speaking tour, which will be held in Spain later this year. The tour aims to raise public awareness about the issues of Palestinian refugees and IDPs and shed light on the forced displacement policies implemented by Israel.

The ‘Masaha project’ is one component of BADIL’s Youth Empowerment Program carried out by BADIL in cooperation with the Spanish organization, Peace with Dignity, and a number of Palestinian Community-based organizations on both sides of the Green Line, in order to provide space for rights holders, especially refugees and displaced persons, to express their rights and defend them.