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Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council Stands in Solidarity with Al-Haq
Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council Stands in Solidarity with Al-Haq

The Palestinian Human Rights Organisations Council (PHROC) is gravely concerned with ongoing attacks against Al-Haq, in particular the death threats targeting its employees, including its General Director, Mr. Shawan Jabarin, by external and organised sources. PHROC stands in solidarity with Al-Haq along with other Palestinian human rights organisations confronting the Israeli occupation by promoting the rule of law as a means to attain freedom and the right to self-determination for the Palestinian people.

Recent attacks against Al-Haq and Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights are reminiscent and constitute part of malicious defamation campaigns targeting Palestinian human rights organisations. PHROC calls on the Palestinian people to take note and precautions and defy suspects grabbing on to these campaigns, given the rising role of human rights organisations in exposing crimes of the occupation.

PHROC affirms that such campaigns will not hamper Palestinian human rights organisations from carrying out their role of continued defence of human rights. PHROC continues to support human rights organisations seeking to hold accountable - by various means including the International Criminal Court - the Israeli occupying authorities in all ranks for crimes that have been committed against Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. PHROC strongly believes that the prominent role of Palestinian human rights organisations, including Al-Haq, in documenting crimes committed by the Israeli occupation and prosecuting perpetrators for such crimes is the reason behind these campaigns.

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