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United we fight the apartheid - Israeli Apartheid Week - GPRN Activity program
United we fight the apartheid - Israeli Apartheid Week - GPRN Activity program


To launch Israeli Apartheid Week, the Global Palestinian Refugee Network (GPRN) organized a panel event that was followed with a discussion at Ibdaa’ Cultural center in Dheisheh Refugee Camp on Sunday, March 6th. Approximately 70-80 activists participated in the activities, which were formed around the banner: “United we fight the apartheid”.

During the course of the afternoon, the panel discussed the general understanding of ‘apartheid’, considering it to be one of the key components that shape Israel’s system of control and repression. In addition, the participants tackled how apartheid is actualized within Israeli policies on both sides of the green line. Nidal Al Azza, Director of BADIL, spoke on the different policies of the Israeli apartheid system, whilst also presenting boycott as a tool of resistance and highlighting the importance of dealing with Israel as an apartheid regime on both a local and international level. Subsequently Jihad Abu Rayya, a lawyer with the Filestinyat group from Palestine 1948, discussed the mechanisms of resisting the Israeli apartheid system within the 1948 boarders. 

During their speeches, the participants recognized the importance of resisting the systematic practices and policies of apartheid within Israel’s colonizing regime, alongside presenting different means in which Palestinians can oppose and fight the apartheid system. 

This event will be followed by a series of subsequent activities throughout the year, which will be held in different locations by the members of the GPRN in the West Bank, Gaza, and within the 1948 borders.