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BADIL completes a series of lectures in partnership with Hebron University’s college of law
BADIL completes a series of lectures in partnership with Hebron University’s college of law


On Tuesday 29 November 2016, BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights concluded a series of lectures and an educational tour that targeted over 40 law students from Hebron University. This lecture series focused on  Palestinian refugees within International Law, and the policies of forcible transfer that Israel implements on both sides of the green line.

The first lecture was held on Monday 14 November 2016 which provided a detailed presentation on the history of forcible transfer in Palestine and the ongoing Israeli policies of forcible transfer which aim to control the maximum amount of land with the minimum number of Palestinians.

The second lecture, which was held on Monday 21 November 2016, focused on the illegality of forcible transfer within international law, specifically with regards to refugees.

The last lecture summarized the situation of Palestinian refugees after 69 years of forcible displacement, as well as the international laws, conventions, and resolutions that are meant to protect Palestinian refugees’ right to return and the practicality of this right in practice.

The program culminated with a tour of Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, where Lajee Center received the students and presented an overview of the living conditions of refugees in camps, especially in terms of education, health, and the current social and political situation. The students learned about the history of the camp and its most important historical events and phases.

These lectures are part of a larger program that BADIL delivers in a number of different universities that aim to empower rights holders, especially youth.