BADIL Information Packet (3rd Edition) -
Includes Right of Return, Campaign for the Defense of Palestinian Refugee Rights Brochure, Palestinian Refugees in Exile Country Profiles, and BADIL Information & Discussion Briefs.
(English & Arabic)

 BADIL 2nd Annual Right of Return Workshop Report (2001), Brussels. Working papers and summary of the annual workshop of refugee rights activists from Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Europe and North America. (Arabic & English).
107 pages.
 BADIL Brief No. 7, UNHCR, Palestinian Refugees and a Durable Solution (August 2002). Brief No. 7 provides background information on UNHCR and Palestinian refugees and raises questions about a potential broader role for UNHCR. (English. Arabic forthcoming). 24 pages.

 BADIL Annual Report 2001. (Arabic & English).
Narrative report of BADIL 2001 activities, including 2001 audit. 80 pages.
 Bound Collection, al-Majdal (1999-2001).
Limited hardcover bound edition of the first three years of BADIL Foreground's quarterly magazine.
 Jerusalem 1948, The Arab Neighbourhoods
of the City and their Fate in the War (2nd Edition English). Revised edition includes chapter updates and a new chapter dedicated to photos of the Palestinian neighborhoods of western Jerusalem. (English). 304 pages. Arabic first edition will be available in November 2002.
 Occasional Bulletin No. 11, UN Resolution 194 - The Right of Return

BADIL Poster - 'Aidoun - We Will Return'
Upcoming publications : BADIL Survey of Palestinian Refugees, Hebrew Information Packet on Palestinian Refugees and the Right of Return, and Video-documentary on BADIL's June 2002
Return and Restitution Trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

BADIL welcomes donations of books, periodicals, monographs (English & Arabic), as well as photographs, to its library on subjects covering Palestinian history, the conflict, international law, Palestinian-Israeli refugees in general, and Palestinian refugees in particular. The collection is intended as a community resource for information and research on Palestinian
refugees. If you would like to donate materials to the library
or make a monetary contribution, please contact Terry Rempel, Coordinator of Research & Information: resource@ badil. org.
Due to pressing research and production needs, BADIL is also in need of a volunteer with library skills in order to facilitate organization and cataloguing of our resources. Interested persons
should contact the Resource Unit: resource@ badil. org