Road sign and JNF symbol signalling the entrance of a JNF park Road sign and JNF symbol signalling the entrance of a JNF park

On a trip to find the Palestinian village of al-Qabu, destroyed and depopulated by Israeli military forces in October 1948, one encounters the ways in which the Jewish National Fund's parks and forests have altered the Palestinian landscape. The following photographs give a small sense of how this is done.




 Map at the entrance to JNF "Begin Park" named after Menachem Begin and built on the ruins of the depopulated Palestinian villages of al-Qabu and Ras Abu Ammar. The remains of al-Qabu are described as " Ein Kobi" and " Khorbet Kobi" the picnic areas on the eastern part of the map.


Close up of map legend . Palestinian remains are designated as "Archaeological Site"marked by symbols of Roman pillar capitols on the map. 
From the remains of the depopulated Palestinian village of al-Qabu ...Now a picnic area for Isrealis and tourists
Many of the refugees explled from al-Qabu live only minutes away in Dihasha refugee camp south Bethlehem. The Husan military checkpoint is set up half way between the camp and the village preventing al-Qabu's refugees from even visiting their land.
 Map showing the proximity of al-Qabu and
Dhaisha refugee camp (Source: Google)

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