BADIL Resource Center is consistently looking for ways to improve the quality of our work. As such, we want to provide a convenient and responsive way to address any complaints that we may receive. We are open to responding to any complaints about our work in our fields of operation.
We do, however, encourage that comments and complaints about our work are raised and discussed with BADIL staff and managers as close to the activity as possible. The Complaint and Response Mechanism (CRM) presented here is viewed as the final resort.

This mechanism is for handling complaints that are within the scope of BADIL’s work:
Any program, project or initiative implemented by BADIL inside or outside Palestine
Behavior/conduct of BADIL permanent staff and temporary staff, Board of Directors and General Assembly as it relates to their work with BADIL.
If the complaint is not within the scope of BADIL’s work, the complainant will be informed about this situation and of any other relevant processes to address their concerns.

About the Complaint and Response Mechanism (CRM)
This procedure is designed to handle both operational complaints and sensitive complaints, ensuring confidentiality unless otherwise indicated by the complainants.
Please note that we do not accept anonymous complaints. However, we will accept an anonymous complaint through a BADIL employee who knows the identity of the complainant. This is to ensure that we are able to respond to each concern and inform the complainant of the resolution. BADIL guarantees that no complainant will be met by retaliation from BADIL staff or members of the Board and/or General Assembly for filing a complaint.
This mechanism is not meant for handling internal issues such as employee salary or working conditions. There are specific processes for this type of issue that is addressed in the BADIL Human Resource Manual
To view the detailed policy of the CRM, click here.

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