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An open letter regarding safe passages and the plan to displace Palestinians in the Gaza Strip
An open letter regarding safe passages and the plan to displace Palestinians in the Gaza Strip

An open letter regarding safe passages and the plan to displace Palestinians in the Gaza Strip:

Yes to securing humanitarian relief corridors. No to displacing our people from the Gaza Strip


A message addressed to Mr. Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and concerned third parties


While the United Nations and many countries are calling for the opening of humanitarian relief passages for civilians in the Gaza Strip, there are also calls from the United States and other countries that align with the Israeli colonial-apartheid regime to open passageways to transfer  Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip to Egypt. This mixing between the responsibilities of the international community to secure urgent humanitarian relief passages and the opening of  passageways for civilians is an intentional confusion that conceals a plan to displace Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. The United Nations and all countries and third parties should be aware that any attempt to displace Palestinians under the pretext of ensuring their safety constitutes a new Nakba in which states supporting Israel are complicit in.


The Gaza Strip and its residents wouldn't have been in desperate need of humanitarian relief corridors, if there were no aggressive Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity being carried out against them by Israel with overt complicity of powerful western states. Despite the urgent need for these humanitarian passages, a distinction must be made between providing humanitarian aid and creating passageways for transferring civilians, as well as the duty of other countries to secure safe shelters for residents during times of war.


To provide safe shelter for protected populations during times of war, international law requires a compelling necessity arising from the need to ensure the safety of the population. Such shelter should be within the occupied territory and not outside it, equipped with conditions ensuring safety, health, security, nutrition, family unity, and that it is temporary, with the population to be returned to their original homes once hostilities cease.


The duty of countries to provide safe shelter for the population during wartime does not resemble Israel and the United States' call to open transit passages into Egypt. Not to mention that the immediate objective behind this call is to isolate the Palestinian resistance, restrict its movement, and fake the aggressors' appearance of being humanitarian, while the strategic goal of this brutal war remains to create a new Nakba (catastrophe)  in the Gaza Strip.


Therefore, the Israeli colonial-apartheid regime and the countries supporting it in the genocide of our people must cease their crimes, rather than seeking to displace the Gaza Strip's population to Egypt in explicit violation of international law.


We call on the Secretary-General of the United Nations, international agencies, and third countries not engaged in the war against our people, to immediately work on securing urgent humanitarian relief corridors and reject the plan to displace the Gaza Strip residents. Instead of transferring Palestinians to Egypt, the international community should prioritize pressuring Israel to facilitate the return of Palestinian refugees who have been displaced for over 75 years to their lands and homes that Israel has seized.