Al-Awda Training School for Palestinian Youth

A program implemented by BADIL Center in partnership with community-based institutions across Mandatory Palestine. The training school aims to enhance the capacities of right holders by empowering them to speak up on the rights of the Palestinian people and the human rights violations that refugees and internally displaced people are subjected to as a result of Israel’s ongoing forced displacement policies on both sides of the Green Line. This program targets Palestinian youth between 18-28 years old, living in different regions of Mandatory Palestine.

The importance of this program stems from the need to enhance interaction between Palestinian youth in Palestine, especially in light of the policies of colonization, isolation, and segregation that have led to both the Palestinian people’s physical division and the fragmentation of their collective national identity. This program falls within BADIL Center’s strategy to raise public awareness about the rights of the Palestinian people in general, and displaced Palestinians in particular, and enhancing interaction, communication, and integration between Palestinian youth, no matter where they reside, embodying the concept of one people and one destiny. In addition, the program works to enhance the capabilities and skills of youth, especially in the areas of campaign organization and community mobilization.

The program encompasses a set of educational exercises, which aim to raise awareness of the Palestinian cause in general, and the rights of Palestinian refugees and displaced persons in particular, that employ an interactive and cooperative methodology, where participants are encouraged to engage in interactive discussions. The program also includes skill-building exercises aimed at developing and improving participants’ personal and leadership abilities and accordingly employing them in their own communities by means of spreading their acquired knowledge and propelling community initiatives.

These exercises are supplemented by field visit to refugee camps and Palestinian villages at risk of forced displacement, such as those located within the Gush Etzion colonial bloc and in the Jordan Valley, among areas. These field visits are vital as they introduce participants to the political, economic and social reality of Palestinians living in refugee camps and areas subject to forced displacement.

Throughout the year, BADIL Center organizes four training schools, targeting 120 participants living across Mandatory Palestine, and the diaspora.

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